Industrial Wind Power Concerns and Issues

Wind turbines impact the environments they inhabit.  Click on the pictures below for more information:

Industrial wind destroys wild life and wild life habitat.

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WV Wind Project Bat Kill – 250+ and Counting

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Industrial wind negatively impacts quality of life – noise, aesthetics, personal stories, loss of access to the mountain.

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Industrial wind does not live up to its promise.

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Economics of wind power .

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The natural foods grocery chain, Whole Foods, failed to do its homework when it agreed to buy “wind energy” and, thereby, launch the nation’s largest demonstration to date of “green energy” pseudo-environmentalism!” An analysis of Whole Foods’ January 9, 2006, “wind energy” Purchase by Glenn R. Schleede, January 27, 2006

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Free But Costly: An Economic Analysis of a Wind Farm in Nantucket Sound, ” by Douglas Giuffre, Jonathan Haughton, and David G. Tuerck, The Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University. Review of two Beacon Hill Reports by Hugh Kemper Kemper document is in Word

“Why Renewable Energy is Not Cheap and Not Green,” Robert Bradley, Jr., Cato Policy Analysis No. 280

Industrial wind has unresolved technical problems.

Challenges and Costs of Integrating Growing Amounts of Wind Power Capacity into the Grid,”- Some Experiences Dealing with 12000 MW in Germany,”  Due to the fluctuating nature of wind, feed-in of growing amounts of wind generated power into the grid causes challenges and costs. Currently, in Germany , these costs are paid by the government, contributing to the very high electric rates in Germany

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“Risk of Wind Turbine Ice Throw and Required Safety Setbacks etc...” Letter by Catherine Lawton to the a.ttorney representing Addison Wind Energy on the developer’s failure to represent accurately a number  of dangers associated with the icing of the blades of industrial wind turbines. December, 2003

Industrial wind is costly for rate payers and tax payers – though very profitable for developers.

About Green Tags – from the Kirby Mountain Blog Spot

“What are green tags?”

Green tags: breathtaking gall, deflating gullibility”

Analysis of the Cost of Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions by 158,000 tons at Gray County Wind Farm in Kansas” by Tom Hewson, January, 2005

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“Wind turbines – failed technology buys big tax breaks for big oil,” Sue Brander, Richfield Springs, NY, Mercury, December 8, 2005

Links to comprehensive articles on other sites.

A Problem With Wind Power,” This article discusses the growing disappointment with wind as an effective power source. It contains links to  articles that explain in more detail the issues raised by the author, Eric Rosenbloom.

“The Case Against Wind Farms”

Wind Turbines Defined, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Catching the Wind, Parts One, Two and Three” a media program produced by Living on Earth, July 22, 2005

Vermont Electric Plan – 2005

Wind Energy and Other Renewable Energy Development on ANR Lands,” December, 2004

Other Projects
Biological Diversity- ALTAMONT PASS

Save Our Sound – Nantucket, MA

Untgruden wind farm off the shores of Sweden

Existing and Proposed Wind Power Sites in PA , WV & OK

Country Guardian – UK

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Wind Turbine  Height Comparison